What is your vision of music ministry?

What do you regard as the organist’s responsibilities?

What is your choir tradition & role at Christmas & Easter?

Tell me how your Christmas Eve/Easter services are different from a Sunday morning service?

Do you vary your service music according to the liturgical season?

Tell me about your typical worship service – how many hymns and what type and is the congregation energized to sing? Do you support descants and altered harmonizations?

How often does the clergy meet with the organist?

How often does the Music & Worship committee meet with the organist?

Whom does the organist report to? Who supervises the organist?

Is there an organ technician to provide for tuning & repairs?  Which budget do these expenses come from?

How much is the budget for score purchase, hiring of instrumentalists/soloists/section leaders?

How is the musician’s annual evaluation handled (1) committee (2) subcommittee (3) including minister?

What is the process for congregant/parishioner weekly feedback?

Let’s say a person (s)  during coffee hour complains about a hymn/choir anthem  or is passionate about a hymn/anthem  Does the organist-director give this feedback to he Music Chair, the minister, worship committee?  Who selects the hymns?

Is the organist/director compensated for continuing ed., extra services, extra rehearsals  . . . . .  How often is the salary reviewed?

What are the terms of the contract?

What sort of meetings do you have to plan worship services?

You have an interim minister, and you are seeking a new organist director, Can you tell me about the process?

Tell me a little bit about your choir?

·         Rehearsal time? weekday night/warm up
·         SATB
·         Number on each part
·         Sample of choir anthem/ range of repertoire/choral library
·         Solo singers
·         Communication – email distr list? newsletter?

Are you accustomed to a prelude & postlude?

  1. 5 or 10 minutes before & after
  2. offertory music 3 minutes
  3. length of service
  4. piano & organ?
  5. instrumentalists

What social and community causes is this congregation involved with?

Is the congregation in general supportive and appreciative of the music program? If not, what have been the hesitations?