WorcAGO Scholarship Regulations and Procedures

(updated for Applications submitted in 2019 and beyond)

1) Scholarship recipients must currently study with or be accepted for study with a current member teacher of the Worcester Chapter AGO. If student is seeking a teacher, click here for a list of AGO member teachers.

2) Scholarship recipients will be awarded a complimentary membership in Worcester Chapter AGO for the fiscal year (July to June) that their scholarship exists. The chapter will announce the scholarship winners and convey the lesson fees directly to the teacher. The scholarship award is for the year from July to April and will be apportioned by the teacher at a rate of $25/lesson and the remaining teacher’s fees will be paid by the scholar.

3) Awards are to be used solely for formal private organ study with an WorcAGO chapter member organ teacher. There is no scholarship recipient age limit. Award consideration will be given to a variety of goals and purposes for study, ranging from preparation for a career in organ performance and/or church music to reviewing and honing basic skills for improved service playing.
If the scholarship recipient’s lessons do not commence by Dec 31 of the award year, the scholarship is forfeited.  The forfeited year counts as one of the two years regarding the maximum number of lifetime awards.  

4) The total amount of resources available from the Scholarship Fund will be determined annually. The Scholarship Committee will then review qualifications, potential, and alignment with the WorcAGO Scholarship Program’s goals to determine the final recipients. Awards will be made in equal amounts to each recipient based on the total amount of resources available and number of awarded applicants.

5) Awards are considered and a decision made on an annual basis during each March-April. A recipient may be granted a lifetime maximum of two awards(two years of study), but must re-apply after the first year for consideration for the second year.

6) Recipients will be required to perform on the annual Worcester Chapter AGO Scholarship Recital, held in the Spring of the scholarship fiscal year (concert is approximately 14 months from application). Often this concert is in May along with our brief annual meeting. It is the responsibility of the student to understand when this concert is and to prepare repertoire accordingly. It is the teacher’s responsibility to guide the student toward successful performance of one or more pieces totaling 8-10 minutes for this concert. If for whatever reason the lessons that fulfill the teacher grant amount do not occur, the teacher must refund to the chapter the equivalent unused portion. If the teacher and student are no longer affiliated by the time of the May recital, it is the student’s responsibility to ask for recommendations from the chapter dean for a replacement teacher to assist where needed in order for the student to be adequately prepared. Participation in the May recital is a basic commitment and requirement for the scholarship grant. If the scholar withdraws from the program, they are asked to donate the equivalent equivalent funds used back to the Scholarship Fund because their commitment was not met. The teacher must notify the Dean if there is any withdrawal or cancellation or change of status.

7) To apply, Applicants must fill out the online form, which includes topics such as:

a) the goals you wish to achieve through study;
b) your musicalbackground and current activities;
c) list of repertoire studied including works you are currently studying, plus the completed recommendation form from your current teacher. If you are not currently studying organ, the recommendation form may be completed by another music teacher, school teacher, choir director, or someone who can assess your skills, work habits,  and potential. (Recommendation form is available online);
d) contact information (address, telephone, email) —  (telephone and email may be parents’ contact information if you wish);
e) name of AGO member teacher
with whom you are or will be studying;
f) a brief biography for our website (see existing examples) – doc or text file is attached with the application webform;
g) a headshot .jpg picture for our website.   jpg file is attached with the application webform.     Please see photo tips in the application form – we want you to be represented in your best light.

Click here for Teacher recommendation form

8) Please submit all application materials via online application webform  by 11:59PM ET March 1st.   Bio (text) and (simple JPG) headshot (email attachments to dean@worcago.org) are required to have so we don’t have to track you down when it’s time to post the winners on our website and honor you.

9) Applicants will be notified around May 1st as to whether or not they have been awarded a scholarship. The names of recipients will be announced thereafter on the WorcAGO website.