Worcester Chapter AGO Scholarship Application Form

Note: you MUST include your bio paragraph and jpg headshot
— winners will be listed on the Scholarship page of our website.

Please fill out this form and SUBMIT before March 1 (11:59PM ET).


Attach files for your BIO paragraph and JPG headshot near the bottom of this form.

1.Your teacher’s recommendation form must also be returned by March 1. Please alert them accordingly.

2. You are required to include WITH YOUR APPLICATION (attach file at bottom of webform):

a. Bio paragraph that we will display on our web site (see scholarship page for samples)
     Tip: look at other online student bios. Make yours personable but not so informal that it’s chatty and unprofessional.  We want to present you at your best!
b. Digital file (jpg format) headshot
that we will display on our web site (ditto)
        IMPORTANT!  We want you to look your best.   
        Please consider the following:

  • Make the file name of your jpeg image to be YOUR NAME.   IMG00023 doesn’t tell us much!
  • Please have your face EVENLY LIT
  • Please have a simple (solid?) background, perhaps a neutral color (a wall)
  • Go easy on a flash – flash pictures often make the face look harsh, and have odd reflections
  • Modern cell phones take great pictures – please use highest resolution and file size that they offer
    (if you should have to mail the image separately, do not allow your mail program to reduce the file size)

3. A confirmation email will be sent to the applicant as a confirmation that the form was successfully sent.
Please contact dean@worcago.org if you do not receive that copy of your application within one day.

(see rules for other requirements/expectations)

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    Why do you want to study the organ?

    Do you have previous piano or organ experience? If yes, how long and describe.

    Have you studied other instruments or voice? How long and describe?

    Do you have any additional musical experience either in school or in the community? Please describe.

    What musical pieces are your currently studying/practicing?

    Do you have any long-term musical goals or dreams? Please describe.

    Please let us know any other information that may be relevant to your scholarship application.

    Name of WorcAGO Member teacher you are or plan to study with.

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    DEADLINE March 1